Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs

You may have noticed that at the back of your dryer unit, there is an exhaust pipe that leads to a duct in your wall. This duct leads to a vent on an exterior wall of your home.

This vent expels moisture from your washed clothes outside of your home, protecting your interior from temperature fluctuations and moisture-related concerns such as mold. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, cleaning experts located near Woodstock, GA, emphasize the importance of keeping this dryer vent clean.

dryer vent cleaning in Woodstock Georgia

Why Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Over time, the duct that transports moisture from your dryer unit to the exterior of your home can become clogged with lint. This can lower the performance of your dryer.

If your dryer vent has a blockage, it can take longer for your clothes to dry, which can raise your electricity bill. Clogs in your dryer vent also pose a fire hazard. For optimum efficiency and safety, you should regularly clean your dryer vent.

How Often Should It Be Cleaned?

Ideally, you should clean your dryer vent at least once a year. This recommendation can vary depending on the frequency of dryer usage.

For instance, if you have a large household, this could indicate that more clothes need to be washed and that the dryer is being used more often. Bigger families may need to clean their dryer vent three times per year.

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My Vent?

You might be able to purchase tools to clean your dryer vent yourself, but a professional cleaner can clear your dryer vent more effectively. They have precise tools that can be used for vents of many different sizes and can clean the vent more thoroughly and completely.

Professional dryer vent cleaning can ensure your vent lasts longer, saving you money on replacement parts or repairs. A professional cleaner can also inform you of any potential problems that could be incurring with your vent with an expert inspection.

Professional Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Woodstock, GA

Advanced Chimney Sweeps offer expert dryer vent cleaning and more for customers in and around Woodstock, GA. Our specialists can clean, inspect, and repair your chimney or fireplace. To schedule a consultation with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 770.884.6475.

Modern Chimney Sweep Techniques

Many people imagine Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins” when they think of a chimney sweep. But more than a century has passed since Edwardian England when that story was set, and the chimney sweeping profession has experienced many technological upgrades since then. The chimney and fireplace professionals at Advanced Chimney Sweeps describe the cleaning methods of a modern chimney sweep.chimney sweep marietta ga

The traditional brush

The stereotypical image of a chimney sweep includes a wire brush attached to a long rod. Modern chimney professionals still use a brush similar to this today for their cleaning services. The brush used for your flue will be sized properly to ensure an effective cleaning for your chimney. Much like a century ago, the brush removes creosote build-up from inside the chimney flue. Smoke from fireplace usage creates this build-up over time, and if left alone, it can pose a fire risk to your home. This chimney sweeping method is still effective at removing this dangerous hazard, hence its continued use today.

Equipment upgrades

A brush is not the only tool used by professional chimney sweeps today, and this equipment is more technologically advanced than people could have imagined a century ago. Chimney experts use industrial vacuums to collect loose, airborne dust and particles. This way, your home remains clean during the sweeping process, and you are not at risk of breathing these particles. Professionals can also use cameras to scope nooks and crannies of the chimney flue during an inspection or a cleaning service. These equipment upgrades make modern chimney sweep services safer and more effective.

Disposal with care

For professional chimney sweeps, disposal of ash, soot, and creosote build-up is not an afterthought. Chimney experts pay attention to the potential spread of these particles, laying a tarp in your home to avoid getting anything dirty during the sweeping process. The vacuum also collects particles for easier disposal. Modern chimney sweeps are also more environmentally conscious when getting rid of this waste. They will dispose of collected build-up in a compost or green bin wherever possible.

Hire a chimney sweep in Marietta, GA

Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers sweep, repair, and other chimney services to customers around Marietta, GA. If you have questions or concerns about your chimney or fireplace, you can book a consultation with one of our experts. To schedule our services, contact our office online or contact us by phone at 770.884.6475.

Spring Clean Your Chimney with Professionals

With warm weather on the horizon, you are likely looking forward to spending time outdoors. Higher temperatures mean you are ready to close your fireplace for the year too. Even if you do not intend to use it in the coming months, you should not stop maintaining your fireplace and chimney. Chimneys require the same care you pay to the rest of the house. As you start spring cleaning your home, call a professional to inspect your chimney. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a chimney sweeping and repair service in Atlanta, explains why you should contact an expert to inspect your chimney this spring.chimney sweeping atlanta ga

Clean build-up after seasonal use

When you use your fireplace, smoke passes up through the chimney and into the outside air. But particles are left behind as smoke goes through the flue. This can lead to build-up that can clog your chimney if left alone. Regular chimney sweeping and cleaning can avoid problems caused by this build-up. The cleaning process can be dangerous, so it is best to be completed by an expert. A professional can determine if it is time to clean your fireplace or chimney during an inspection.

Spot hidden moisture damage

Moisture is one of the most prominent dangers to chimney structure. Water from the outdoors, whether it is from rain, snow, or condensation, can seep into the porous material of your chimney. As temperatures change, this water can expand and break the brick or stone structure of your chimney. This can require costly repairs down the road. An inspection conducted by an expert can spot subtle signs of moisture in your chimney and stop problems before they start.

Ensure safety for all features

Your chimney and fireplace are composed of several parts to ensure the passage of smoke from your home to the exterior occurs smoothly and safely. Over time, these mechanisms can endure wear and tear, which may affect their ability to function. If parts of this system do not work properly, operating your fireplace could become dangerous. A chimney professional can inspect signs of damage and make necessary repairs well in advance of when you are ready to use your fireplace again.

Chimney sweeping services in Atlanta

Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers sweeping, inspections, and repairs for chimneys and fireplaces in the greater Atlanta area. Maintenance for your chimney or fireplace should happen all year. To get an estimate for your job, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 770.884.6475.

4 Common Winter Chimney Problems

Winter is the perfect time to be cozy at home with your fireplace. It can be frustrating when problems arise with your chimney when you are ready to put it to use. Issues with your chimney should be taken seriously to avoid damaging its structure or risking a dangerous fire in your home. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a chimney sweep service in Marietta, GA, discusses four common winter problems with chimneys and what they could mean for your fireplace plans.winter chimney sweep marietta ga

Drafts through fireplace

Many fireplace owners notice cold air coming from the hearth in the winter months. This can make your home uncomfortable and drive up your energy bill. The draft can indicate an issue with the damper, the metal fixture that sits at the top of your chimney. A chimney sweep service can install a custom-fit damper so that cold air does not enter your home through the fireplace any longer.

Animal pests

When the weather becomes cooler, animals seek shelter from cold temperatures and harsh weather. This could mean creatures will make a home in your chimney. Indicators that an animal has taken residence in your flue include scratching sounds and visible nesting from your home’s exterior. A chimney cap will keep critters out of your chimney. Professional chimney sweeps can install a customized cap that will fit your chimney, keeping animals out and letting smoke pass freely and effectively.

Smoke dispersal

Smoke that spreads through a room should not be ignored. Smoke can damage your furniture and interior walls, as well as pose a health risk to a house’s occupants. The dispersal of smoke through your home could occur for several reasons:

  • Chimney height: a short chimney can be lengthened by a professional to improve the draft, giving smoke room to disperse through the flue.
  • Clogged chimney: your flue may be clogged if you see smoke in your home, which can be resolved with a chimney sweep.
  • Wind: outdoor interference can interrupt the draft of smoke leaving your home and push it back down the chimney, but a chimney cap installation can amend this problem.

A professional chimney sweep can perform an inspection to determine the smoke’s causation, which will lead to an effective solution.

Weather damage

Winter brings harsh weather that can wreak havoc on your chimney. Snow and rainwater can be absorbed into the pores of the bricks that make up your chimney. Cold temperatures can freeze this water, causing the bricks to expand. This can lead to damage to the structure of your chimney. Leaks are often more visible when the weather turns warmer. However, if you notice any problems with your chimney’s integrity, you should contact a professional to inspect your chimney.

Call a chimney sweep in Marietta, GA

If you need a chimney sweep in the Atlanta area, contact Advanced Chimney Sweeps, headquartered in Marietta, GA. We offer chimney service and repair, inspections, sweeping, and more in the North Atlanta metropolitan area. To schedule an appointment, contact our office online or call us at 770.884.6475.

The Benefits of a Wood Fireplace

It can be hard to choose what kind of stove and fuel you want to put in your home. There are pros and cons to every method of heating. But for many people, nothing beats a quality wood fireplace. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, providers of chimney cleaning in Woodstock, GA, highlight the benefits of a wood fireplace.chimney cleaning in woodstock, georgia

It’s Cozy

You truly can’t beat the cozy factor of a wood-burning fireplace. The smell of a wood fire and the crackling of the flames are extremely comforting during the cold winter months. This is the stereotype of fireplaces we know from movies and TV shows. Electric fireplaces and other options try to mimic the feel, but nothing beats the real thing.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Unlike fossils fuels, wood is a renewable resource. Wood also doesn’t release as much carbon dioxide into the air when it’s burned. Depending on where your wood is sourced, it can be an entirely sustainable practice. When the trees are cut down for the firewood, seeds are planted in their wake to start the next generation of wood growth.

It Increases the Value of Your Home

If you plan on selling your home in the future, a wood fireplace can increase the value of the offers you’ll get. The National Association of Realtors states that people may pay up to $2,000 more for a home if it has a wood-burning fireplace. People are looking for details like this to make sure they’re moving into a home that feels cozy and comforting.

Providing a Natural Light Source

A fireplace isn’t a replacement for lamps and other lighting in your home. But it provides a natural light source you can use in certain times, conserving energy and keeping your electric bill down. If you’re having a quiet night in and watching a movie, a wood fireplace provides a relaxing light you can enjoy while watching.

It Costs Less Than Gas

Even though the price of natural gas has gone down, it’s still much cheaper to operate a wood fireplace than it is a gas one. Even the highest quality of firewood is cheaper than gas. You’re charged for every bit of gas that you use in your fireplace. Buying firewood allows you to find wood that’s going to maximize your investment, getting the most heat out of the fewest logs.

Fireplaces and Chimney Cleaning in Woodstock, GA

Whether you’re looking for a wood stove or someone to help keep your fireplace safe, we can help. Call us or request a free estimate online.

Safely Operating Your Fireplace

If you’ve gotten your chimney prepared with a Woodstock chimney cleaning and inspection, you should be set for winter fireplace use. But it’s important that you’re using the fireplace safely to avoid any problems or danger. Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers safety tips to use your fireplace properly this winter.

woodstock chimney cleaning

Use Proper Firewood

First, decide if you’ll be cutting and preparing your own wood or if you’ll be buying it. If you’re buying, make sure to buy local. Many areas have special rules in place so that you aren’t bringing wood and pests in that aren’t native to the area. You also want to make sure the wood has been stored in a dry place for at least six months.

It’s preferable to use a dense wood, such as oak, in your fireplace. Softer woods like pine produce more creosote when you burn them, leading to a faster buildup in your chimney. You’ll have to get your chimney cleaned more often. Get a moisture meter to make sure the wood will burn well. The moisture content should be 20% or less to ensure it’ll burn correctly.

If you’re going to cut your own wood, you want to make sure the pieces fit in your fireplace correctly. The diameter should be six inches or less so that it burns well. Stack your wood with the split side down and don’t store it directly on the ground. It needs to be covered to stay dry. Softwood needs to sit for a minimum of six months before burning, and hardwood needs at least 12 months.

Don’t Overload the Fireplace

You want enough wood to have a warm fire, but you don’t want to overload your fireplace. Large fires give off more smoke and creosote, and high heat can crack your chimney, leading to a need for chimney repair. Place the logs correctly in the fireplace, making sure they’re open and your fire can get a lot of oxygen.

When you’re starting your fire, don’t use flammable liquids to start it. These can make the flames leap and the fire can become too hot. Kindling should be more than enough to start your fire. Place that and a few pieces of wood in the fireplace to start. You don’t want an overwhelming amount of wood or the fire may not have enough oxygen to start.

Keep Things Clear

A spark guard is recommended to keep things safe. It’s simply a mesh or glass barrier so that embers can’t leap out of the fire and out into the room you’re in. Make sure that furniture and other things aren’t sitting too close to the fire. If you’re using the fireplace, utilize ceiling fans to make sure the air is circulating around the room.

Woodstock Chimney Cleaning and Services

Make sure your chimney is free of debris and is safe to use in your home. Call us or obtain a free estimate online.

Clients Review Advanced Chimney Sweeps

At Advanced Chimney Sweeps, we provide chimney cleaning in Woodstock and beyond. We always strive to provide the best service possible, whether it’s a chimney inspection or installing gas logs for your new fireplace. Customer reviews allow potential clients to get an idea of the level of our service.chimney cleaning in woodstock

Advanced Chimney Sweep Testimonials

We got quotes from several companies for various chimney repairs. We were very happy with the work that Marcus did for us. He was courteous and professional and did a great job.

-Rob F.

I received quotes from multiple chimney companies. They ranged from $3k to $21k (complete rebuild). Advanced Chimney Sweeps fit all of my requirements to do the repairs. The repairs they suggested made sense and were fairly priced. Caleb is our technician. He is awesome. The repairs were done a year ago, but to keep my warranty I have to have it inspected annually. Caleb came out during the pandemic and was extremely respectful and careful in our home. I highly recommend Advanced Chimney and Caleb.

-Tracy S. 

I called Advanced Chimney Sweeps because we were having a problem with our gas fireplace. Jennifer was able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. Caleb, the technician showed up on time and after inspecting the fireplace said that everything looked good except that the gas logs probably needed to be rearranged. After he reassembled the logs he tested the fire and it never before looked so good. Thanks!

-Claude Nafziger

I called them because I was told by another well-known chimney company in the area that I would have to have my entire chimney replaced before I could have gas logs installed. Advanced came out, Caleb inspected everything and fixed what needed to be done at huge savings. My gas logs are wonderful. Thank you. Highly recommend Advanced Chimney.

-Norma Taylor

I had a soot problem because of poorly placed gas logs and called Advanced. My technician was Ken Walter. I was promised he’d be at my house by 11:30 AM, and he called at 11:00 to see if he could come earlier. He inspected both of my fireplaces, warned me of a crack that I should fix before burning wood logs, and told me I didn’t really need cleaning. He said we didn’t have soot buildup in the chimney. High quality work, prompt, honest, reasonable prices equal 5 stars.

-Richard Hale

Your Woodstock Chimney Cleaner

Whether you need a chimney inspection or your yearly cleaning, we’re here to help. Call us or contact us online.


Wood Vs. Gas Fireplace

Wood and gas fireplaces are the two most popular choices for your home. But which one is right for you? At Advanced Chimney Sweeps, we do more than just chimney cleaning in Woodstock. We also have gas logs and other services. Let us help you pick which style fireplace is ideal for your needs.chimney cleaning in woodstock

About Gas Fireplaces

When it comes to efficiency, gas is the fireplace that comes out on top. They’re cleaner and put off fewer emissions. You can save a bit annually, as you won’t need to pay to make sure the chimney is clean and safe. One of the biggest perks of gas fireplaces is that you simply purchase gas logs to give the look of a wood fire without the emissions.

Gas fireplaces also are easier to install. They’re faster to light, allowing you to ensure you have a fire going quickly. If you’re using your fireplace as the primary source of heat in your home, gas is probably the better option. However, they are harder to blend into the room, though they’re available in many styles.

If you want a gas fireplace, you also have to deal with the hassle of a gas line. The glass doors of gas fireplaces get very hot, so it’s important to keep an eye on children or animals that may try to touch them. Not having the smell of burning wood can be a pro or a con of gas fireplaces depending on who you are!

Wood Fireplaces: What to Know

Wood fireplaces are the more traditional option. When you think of curling up by a fireplace, it’s usually this that you imagine. Wood fireplaces have their pros and cons as well. Though they aren’t the most efficient option, they do give you the best atmosphere. They’re cozy and comforting to have in the colder months.

Wood fireplaces don’t require a gas line since all fuel is wooden and placed into the front of the fireplace. They’re able to be built into a room and have a cozy, homey look. If you love the smell of campfires or bonfires, a wood fireplace allows you to have this smell in your own home instead of outside.

With a wood fireplace, they do require chimney sweeping and cleaning due to the particles they give off. Creosote is the residual substance that lines your chimney due to burning wood. The buildup should be cleaned at least once a year to make sure there’s no danger in lighting your fireplace. 

A wood fireplace can take longer to light, but there are special logs and tools to assist you. Wood has to be purchased for the fireplace as well. However, if you own land or know someone that does, you may be able to get wood for a better price than normal.

Gas Logs and Chimney Cleaning in Woodstock

Do you know which option you’re interested in? Call us or get a free estimate online, whether it’s to buy products or procure services.

Ready Your Chimney for Fall

Fall is one of the best times of the year. The weather starts to get cooler and it’s time to get cozy in front of your fireplace. It’s also time to ready your fireplace for the colder months. Advanced Chimney Sweeps provides chimney cleaning in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. Here are some tips they have for your chimney this season.chimney cleaning in woodstock

Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Before you’re going to be lighting any fires in the fireplace this fall or winter, make sure your chimney is cleaned. A lot of us shut the chimney down for the warmer months and don’t think about it until we want to use it again. When creosote gets built up in your chimney, it can be a fire hazard when you go to use it. Make sure you get a thorough chimney sweep if it hasn’t been cleaned since last fall.

Get it Inspected, Too

While you have someone cleaning your chimney, you should probably get a chimney inspection as well. Getting at least one chimney inspection a year is crucial to making sure there’s no structural damage or anything that’s going to cause issues when you go to use it. It’s ideal to get it done when the weather is a bit warmer, as bricks that are already compromised may break further.

When you get the inspection, the chimney sweep may give you some information about your chimney that’s essential to keep it running smoothly. Even if there aren’t urgent repairs that need to be made, make sure you listen to see if there are any possible problem points they see. Getting on small stuff sooner rather than later is cheaper and less hassle for you.

Have a Solid Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are crucial to making sure you don’t get water in your flue. We offer custom chimney caps in a variety of materials so that they match with whatever style of home you have. A wire cage can prevent animals and other larger debris from getting into your chimney. We also offer dampers to seal your chimney. This helps to eliminate cold air coming down and chilling your house when the chimney isn’t in use.

Know Who to Trust

With any dealings with your home, you want to make sure you have a reliable company doing the work. Advanced Chimney Sweeps has been in business for 30 years and was founded by a certified firefighter. We offer a variety of high-quality services to make sure your chimney is set for the winter season to come.

Woodstock Chimney Cleaning

Getting your chimney prepared for fall and winter? Call us or get a free estimate online.

How to Tell if Your Dryer Vent is Clogged

A dryer vent is something we tend to forget about until it stops working. Has your dryer vent been clogged? Advanced Chimney Sweeps doesn’t just do chimney cleaning in Marietta, GA. We also take care of dryer vents, too. Here are a few signs to look for to see if your dryer vent is clogged.marietta, georgia chimney cleaning

Your Clothes Take too Long to Dry

Especially if you’ve had your dryer for a while, you tend to know how long it takes certain loads to dry. You know you have to run that load of jeans a little bit longer than some others you do. But if you have to run many of your loads twice to get things dry, and know you aren’t making the loads too large, you probably have a clogged dryer vent.

This problem means that not enough airflow is getting through your dryer vent. Make sure you’re cleaning the lint trap in your dryer after each time you run it. If you’re doing this regularly, you may need to get a dryer vent cleaning.

Your Clothes are too Hot

When you get your laundry out of the dryer, it should be a pleasant, cozy warmth. If your clothes are so hot that you can’t stand to touch them, you probably have a clog. This could mean that the heat is more concentrated due to lint clogging up your dryer vent. If your clothes are hot, that lint is heating up too, making your dryer a fire hazard every time you run it.

You’re Noticing a Burning Smell

This should be a huge red flag for your senses. We want to make sure you’re not getting to the point where the lint will catch on fire. If it’s hot enough that you have this smell, it means that the flammable lint inside that dryer vent is likely to start catching on fire. Make sure you’ve done your part to clean all of the easily accessible parts of your dryer vent before calling a professional.

You Notice Buildup Around the Outside Vent

If you’re not sure of the status of your dryer vent, the outside vent is a good place to start looking. There shouldn’t be any lint and debris around that outside vent. Take a look at yours and make sure you’re not seeing anything on that outside vent. If you are, there’s a good chance that you need a thorough dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer Vent and Chimney Cleaning in Marietta, Georgia

At Advanced Chimney Sweeps, we’re able to help you do a deep clean of your dryer vent system. We can also set up an appointment to get your dryer vent and chimney cleaned the same day! Call us or request an appointment online.