Custom Chimney Caps in Atlanta, GAChimneys need to be covered at the top to prevent issues caused by wind, rain, and animal entry. Moisture from rain causes the chimney to erode; in addition to developing mold and rust. An open chimney is also a great location for animals, commonly raccoons, squirrels and birds. Moreover, there is a potential of animals getting trapped inside the system.

Advanced Chimney Sweeps of Marietta, GA offers several types of chimney covers including metal and masonry. We also make custom chimney caps. All chimney covers come with free installation by a trained technician.

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Types of Chimney Caps

Metal Chimney Caps
Metal chimney covers can be made from heavy sheet metal, stainless steel or copper in a variety of shapes and styles to match the look of your home.

Masonry Chimney Covers
Masonry chimney crowns are designed to channel moisture away from the top of the chimney and out of the chimney chase. Unfortunately this area breaks down with age and if left unattended, damage to the chimney increases. A chimney sealant can be applied to the crown to keep moisture out, increasing chimney life.