Custom Chimney Caps by Marietta GA Advanced Chimney Sweeps Inc Advanced Chimney Sweeps can fabricate and install a custom chimney cap or shroud for your chimney. Our custom chimney covers can be made to match the look and style of your home from heavy sheet metal, stainless steel, copper or masonry materials. Installation is included in the price of all our custom chimney caps. We offer free estimates. Please call 770.884.6475 or request an estimate online.

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Enervex-Exhausto Fans
Enervex-Exhausto Fan
When a fireplace really struggles with draft issues this is a great solution. This electric fan can pull the smoke out of the fireplace and outside the house Call For Price!
multi flue cap
Multi Flue Cap
Used when multiple flues need to to covered $150-$400
single flue cap
Single Flue Cap
Used to cover a single flue $95-$200
Top Mount Damper
Very efficient damper used to replace the traditional throat damper used on masonry fireplaces. $190.00-$400
Vacu Stack
Some prefab fireplaces do not draft very well. The vacu stack is used to solve that issue. $230-$350
Weathershield Cap
Termination cap for a pre-fab fireplace $180-$290