What Is A Chimney Pan and Do I Need One?

As an experienced chimney sweep in Marietta, Advanced Chimney Sweep recommends using a chimney pan to keep your chimney dry. Learn more about why you should prevent your chimney from getting wet and how a chimney pan can help. If …
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What Causes a Leaking Chimney?

As summer storms begin rolling into the Atlanta area be sure to have your chimney inspected if you detect a leak before it is too late. Early detection of water damage can save homeowners the greater expense of a larger repair. Advanced …
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Prevent Dangerous Creosote Build Up

Creosote buildup can pose a dangerous presence in all wood burning chimneys if not acted upon properly. Creosote is basically the unburned material that is carried upward through the chimney and sticks to the surface of the interior. The use …
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