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Repair Rain Pans Before Summer Storms

Summer weather brings plenty of sunshine, but storms can be common during this time of year too. Heavy rains and strong winds can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home, including your chimney.

To prevent leaks and other damage, you should make sure you have a rain pan covering your chimney. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a chimney and fireplace maintenance company in Roswell, GA, describes why a functioning rain pan is crucial in the summertime.

rain pans protect chimney in Roswell Georgia

What Does a Rain Pan Do?

A rain pan, also referred to as a chimney cap, is a metal encasing that covers the top of your chimney. The pan stops excess water from bad weather from entering your chimney and causing damage to the flue, fireplace, or other parts of your home.

Rain pans protect the chimney from water damage, but they can also stop debris from clogging your flue and critters from entering your house through the fireplace. This feature allows you to feel more secure in your home and keeps your chimney functioning safely.

If you do not have a rain pan, your house could be at risk of damage from a number of exterior threats. Investing in this feature can save you money in costly repairs or clean-up down the road.

Do I Need a New Rain Pan?

Like many features in your home, a rain pan can be vulnerable to deterioration. A chimney expert can examine the structure of your rain pain during scheduled inspections.

While the pan protects your chimney from water damage, excessive rain can cause it to rust over time. Regular chimney cleaning and maintenance can keep the rain pan and the entire chimney in good shape for a longer period of time.

If your rain pan is damaged, you might notice the sound of dripping water within the chimney, dank odors after rainfall, or moisture around the area of your fireplace and chimney. You should contact a chimney and fireplace professional if you recognize any of these warning signs of a faulty rain pan.

Expert Chimney and Fireplace Inspection in Roswell, GA

Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers repairs, replacement, and inspection for rain pans and more to customers in Roswell, GA. Our company can assist with any maintenance for your chimney or fireplace. To learn more information, contact our expert team online or reach us by phone at 770.884.6475.