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Tips To Prepare Your Fireplace This Winter

Finally! It is the time of year that you can begin to use your fireplace due to the dropping temperatures outside. Your fireplace can be the centerpiece in your home for new memories to be made during the holiday season. You are going to watch to make sure that your fireplace is ready to operate properly and safely when the time comes to use your fireplace in the winter. Fireplace safety in Woodstock is crucial to keeping your family and home safe. We have listed a few tips below that can help you ensure your family will be safe and enjoy your fireplace to years to come!fireplace safety woodstock

Chimney Sweep

  • This is a service that is recommended to be done annually as a chimney sweep will remove any dangerous soot and debris that may have been leftover from last season, as well as any debris that may be stuck in your chimney from the spring, summer, or fall.

Check Your Chimney Cap

  • A chimney cap is used to prevent animals such as birds from entering your fireplace, as well as keep out any unwanted debris such as leaves from entering your chimney. During the summer months, we tend to get some pretty mean thunderstorms that roll through, and before using your chimney for the winter, it would be a great time to check for a damaged or missing chimney cap.

Inspect For Damages

  • Typically at the end of the summer, we are prone to some severe thunderstorms, so prior to firing up your fireplace for the winter, you want to physically inspect your chimney for any damages that may need to be repaired prior to use. Some typical damages to look for would be missing mortar, loose bricks, or cracks in the mortar. These are pretty typical things that happen to your chimney and need to be addressed.

Do Not Overload Your Fireplace

  • While you may be thinking that the more firewood in your fireplace, the bigger and warmer the fire will be, it will more than likely end in disaster if you overload your fireplace. Make sure to use the correct amount of firewood for the size of your fireplace. Large, high heat fires can damage your chimney liner and your home.

Free Chimney Estimate

Contact us today if you need any of the above-listed services or need some help preparing your chimney to be used this winter. Advanced Chimney Sweeps can be reached at 770.884.6475 or you can request a free quote online today.