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All About Creosote

When you use your fireplace, you generate smoke, which contains tar-like substances, vapors, and gases. You may know that the smoke can negatively affect your property and your health, hence why you direct the smoke out of your home through your flue.

But these substances can condense on the side of your chimney or stovepipe as the smoke travels through the flue and create a build-up called creosote. Advanced Chimney Sweeps, a fireplace and chimney cleaning and maintenance company, responds to frequently asked questions about creosote and its effect on your chimney.

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What Happens When Creosote Accumulates?

Creosote can create several major problems to the function and safety of your fireplace or stove. As more of this substance accumulates inside the chimney or stovepipe, it can insulate the flue and make it difficult for smoke to pass efficiently out of your home.

Creosote can also be corrosive, meaning it can cause the lining and interior of your chimney to deteriorate. If it becomes structurally unsound, you may be faced with extensive and expensive repairs.

This material poses a fire hazard to your home because creosote is combustible. To keep your home safe, you should ensure that creosote does not build up too much in your chimney.

Can I Prevent Creosote Build-Up?

The production and accumulation of creosote are unavoidable when you burn wood in your fireplace or stove. However, certain factors can lead to a higher build-up of this material.

The type of wood used in your fire can impact the amount of creosote produced. Harder woods, like oak and birch, release more heat than other types of wood which can create fewer creosote deposits. Drier wood will also produce less creosote because moisture can lead to a lesser-quality fire featuring more smoke.

Routine cleaning of your fireplace or stove can allow your wood burner to function more efficiently which can lead to a lower likelihood of creosote accumulation. The amount of cleaning needed for your wood burner may vary, so it can be a good idea to consult with a chimney expert to develop an effective schedule.

How Can I Clean My Chimney?

Cleaning your chimney can be a delicate process, so you should hire a professional to take care of this task. A chimney expert can sweep your chimney with appropriate tools and expertise to prevent creosote build-up from impacting your fireplace usage.

They can complete this cleaning job safely and without leaving a mess in your home. The chimney sweep can also inspect your flue and fireplace for signs of damage and recommend and complete any necessary repair work to ensure your home remains safe.

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