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Notice Chimney Smells in the Summer?

In the high heat of the summer, you likely do not plan to use your fireplace. However, if hot, humid air brings an odor into a room from your chimney, it can be difficult to ignore this part of your home.

Smells of any kind can disrupt your home. An air freshener can mask the issue without resolving it for good. To take care of a persistent smell coming from your fireplace in the summer, you should call a professional chimney sweep. Read on to learn what this smell from your chimney means and how it can be fixed.

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What Is Causing My Chimney to Smell?

The reason for the persistent scent coming from your chimney depends on the source of the odor. A smoky smell may seem suspicious, especially in the summer when you have not used your fireplace in a few months.

This issue could mean that your chimney has air pressure issues. The smoke from prior fires may have gotten trapped in the flue as it attempted to exit your home. Hot and humid air will bring this problem to light because it rises and flows up the chimney, intensifying the odor.

Closing the damper of your chimney when the fireplace is not in use can reduce chimney smells. It keeps air sealed in your home and outside drafts from penetrating the flue. This should resolve many air pressure issues that contribute to odors from a fireplace.

However, if you notice a pungent smell, this could come from animal waste or remains that have become trapped in the chimney. Closing the damper can keep animals out of your flue to stop this issue from occurring. If it has already happened though, you will need to reach out to a chimney sweep to address the issue.

What Action Should I Take to Get Rid of the Smell?

If you notice a smell from your chimney that persists, you should contact a chimney professional. They can inspect your fireplace and flue to find the source of the odor. Then they can let you know what they can do to resolve the problem.

They will likely recommend sweeping the chimney and cleaning the fireplace to get rid of any creosote build-up that could contribute to a smoky smell. If you do not have a damper, or if the damper has sustained damage and will not close properly, they can install a new one for you.

Odors that come from pests in the chimney will need thorough cleaning and removal from a chimney sweep. They can spot the problem during an inspection which may use video technology. Then they can get rid of the problem carefully without damaging the interior or exterior of your home.

You can call your local chimney professional to get an estimate for their services today. Advanced Chimney Sweeps can schedule an inspection of your fireplace and flue when you call 770.884.6475.