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Options for Fireplace Screens

A fire screen, sometimes referred to as a fireguard, is a feature of your fireplace that serves as a shield between the fire in the grate and the rest of your home. While this screen often provides a decorative enhancement to a room, it can also provide safety benefits too.

An open flame can produce sparks that may endanger nearby people and property. Plus, children and pets might wander too close to a fire in your hearth, which could pose a serious safety hazard.

If you would like to enjoy the advantages of a fireplace screen, you might feel overwhelmed by the many styles available to choose from. To learn more about these options, check out the following types of screens to find the right choice for your specific fireplace.

Options for Fireplace Screens

Single-Panel Screens

If safety is your priority when purchasing a fire screen, you should try a flat, single-panel option. This type of screen will fit completely flush with the opening of your fireplace. This way, no sparks or other hazards can escape through its edges. The safety benefits apply especially to wood-burning fireplaces that can create these specific hazards.

Pay attention to the size of the screen before buying it to ensure you choose one that fits properly. The screen usually features a metal frame and a mesh interior. With this, you can see multiple designs that use adornments or other details that may suit your aesthetic.

Foldable Multi-Paneled Screens

If you have a gas fireplace, sparking embers will not be as much of a danger. But a screen can still keep pets and kids away from the flames and hot gas. You can consider choosing a multi-paneled screen that folds for this type of fireplace.

The foldable fire screen does not sit as close to the edge of your fireplace, so you can better see the burning fire inside the hearth. Multiple panels also offer additional opportunities to express your style if you like. When buying this screen, choose a side somewhat wider than your fireplace so that it can still provide coverage when it folds.

Glass Fireplace Screens

Metal and mesh fire screens are not your only option. You may want to consider a glass screen for your fireplace. The transparent material allows you to better enjoy the beautiful appearance of your fire without compromising safety benefits.

But glass can be more expensive than a mesh fireguard. They can also weigh more, making them more difficult to maneuver. Consider these pros and cons before you purchase a screen for your home.

Cabinet-Style Door Screens

Want the safety advantages of a single-panel fire screen but worry about accessing your fire? Ask a fireplace expert about a cabinet-style fire screen. This type of fireguard will feature the coverage of a flat screen, but it will include doors that open like a cabinet would.

Then, you can tend to your fire without disrupting the screen. Many people find this accessibility appealing, and the doors can offer further ways to add your unique aesthetic to your room.