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The Best Time to Use Your Fireplace

With winter in full swing, you likely relish the opportunity that cold temperatures bring to use the fireplace in your home. The contrast of chilly weather with the cozy warmth of a fire can make your home extremely comfortable. But is winter the only time you can use your fireplace?

If you own a fireplace, you are free to use it at any time of day or point in the year as long as it is safe. But some conditions make for a better fire than others. Read on to find tips to get the best results when you use your fireplace this year.

The Best Time to Use Your Fireplace

Cold Weather Is Ideal for Fireplace Use

A roaring fireplace coincides with the image of the winter season because the warm fire inspires a delightful contrast with the harsh and cold outdoors during this time of year. The fireplace can prove to be a useful source of warmth for your home as well, helping your home stay comfortably heated without using too much energy and hiking up your utility bills.

You can still use your fireplace in the spring, fall, and even summer. But it often proves most beneficial to use in the wintertime. When it comes to the time of day, you can start a fire in the morning, afternoon, or evening. But you should not leave a fireplace going overnight without supervision.

Outside Weather Can Affect Your Fireplace

The weather conditions outside of your home may affect the quality of a fire in your fireplace. So pay attention to the weather before you start a fire. Your fire generates smoke that must travel through the flue, out of your chimney, to reach the outside of your home.

The weather may impact the smoke’s ability to easily leave your home through the flue. For instance, harsh winds might blow smoke back down your chimney where it can dissipate into your home.

Rainy weather can bring humidity, which will make outside air denser. This might push smoke trying to escape a chimney back down the flue. Smoke in your home’s interior can make a mess and prove hazardous for you and others in the room.

You can prevent outside weather conditions from impacting your fire when you install a high-quality chimney cap. This fixture keeps airflow going in and out of the chimney controlled to stop unwanted drafts. Schedule a regular inspection with expert chimney sweeps to ensure this cap continues to function properly.

Ensure Surroundings Are Safe for a Fire

Above all, you should only use your fireplace when it is safe to do so. To ensure your chimney and fireplace remain in good condition, you should get a professional inspection at least once a year. Your chimney will require sweeping and cleaning to get rid of dangerous residues on an annual basis as well.

Make sure someone is watching the fire to ensure it stays safe at all times. Check that the area near the fireplace has no flammable items nearby and that no pets or children wander too close to the flames.